Online Testing Services Ordering


  • For US healthcare providers who order the following testing services: AlloSure Kidney, AlloSure Heart, AlloSure Lung, AlloMap Heart, and HeartCare.
  • Simplifies test ordering process and order status updates.
  • Streamlines viewing of test results and analysis of longitudinal information.
  • Enables clinical annotations and information sharing with inter and intra healthcare teams.
  • Offers online access to the CareDx patient services team to efficiently locate, schedule, and arrange blood draws, including mobile phlebotomy services.
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Digital Health Solutions

Cloud-based software tracks and streamlines transplant quality management.

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Facilitates referral communication between transplant centers, nephrology practices, and dialysis facilities.

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Patient management software for transplant centers.

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Lab Products

Lab Products
Customer and lab product information.

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  • Obtain the latest marketing and sales support materials available including high resolution print files of brochures and flyers, graphics, logos, videos, publications, and event designs and materials.
  • Access high resolution print files and video files.
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OKRA Registry
For OKRA research coordinators to obtain iBox results.

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