Session 915

Innovations in Kidney Transplant Patient Care

This discussion will provide an opportunity to learn more about the noninvasive blood test, AlloSure, the only donor-derived, cell-free DNA test with multicenter, prospective clinical validation.

We will also explore:

  1. How AlloSure’s detection of cell free DNA serves as a leading indicator of graft injury
  2. Why AlloSure outperforms serum creatinine
  3. How AlloSure can differentiate ambiguous rejection

Session 807 (CME Program)

Diagnosis of Acute Rejection in Kidney Transplantation: a Clinical Update

CME Objectives

After this program, participants will know:

  • The pathophysiology and impact of allograft rejection in kidney transplantation
  • Methods to detect acute rejection in kidney transplantation
  • How to interpret current clinical information on noninvasive biomarker technologies for use in monitoring of acute rejection in kidney transplantation