Welcome to the customer-focused portion of!

The purpose of this portion of the site is to improve our communication with you as well as provide tools and materials that will improve your use of the OTTR system.

We’ve organized these materials in the following manner:

  • Documentation – Here you will find user manuals, release notes, the Platform Guide and similar materials.
  • Education – A variety of videos and documents can be found in this section. Best practices, samples of standard reports, etc. are located here. Admin 1 and end user training videos are also here.
  • Configuration – A bundle of reports, patient lists and miscellaneous items you may find useful.
  • AlloSure/AlloMap Button– Information about the AlloSure and AlloMap button.
  • OUI – The go-to place to learn about the upcoming conference.
  • Downloads – Small software applications that you may find useful.

If there’s something you’d like to see out here, please let us know.

OTTR Staff!