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Conventional tests for monitoring kidney transplants are often slow to identify when something may be wrong. By then, it may be too late for your physician to provide treatment.

AlloSure Can Help

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  • AlloSure® is a noninvasive blood test that provides an early warning that there may be an issue with your transplant1
  • Studies show that AlloSure can identify certain issues more than three months earlier than traditional tests1
  • AlloSure demonstrated 62% improvement over serum creatinine in identifying rejection1
Number of patients that have received an AlloSure test across organs since 20172
Used by over 70% of US kidney transplant centers2

How Does AlloSure Work?

What Do AlloSure Results Mean?

A way to track kidney health over time

Establishing a baseline tells you and your care team the initial state of your new kidney. You can compare new results with this baseline. Track your kidney’s health by continuing to measure levels in the future.

  • If AlloSure is in the normal range, this may mean your kidney is stable
  • If AlloSure is 1% or greater, this means you are at higher risk of rejection
  • Your doctor will evaluate your results in the context of your full medical review

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