What is

AlloSure is a blood test your doctor may use to get deeper information on the health of your transplanted kidney.

Why use AlloSure?

AlloSure may increase a median of 3 months before a leading sign of kidney issues is detected.
Your doctor can compare your AlloSure scores over time to track the health of your kidney.
Finding problems sooner may allow your doctor to take actions to help your kidney.

How does AlloSure work?

AlloSure measures how much DNA from your transplanted kidney is in your bloodstream.

If a donor kidney is injured or nearing rejection, it gives off more of its DNA into the bloodstream.

If the amount of DNA from your transplanted kidney is increasing, it can be a sign of an issue.

More than 100K

kidney transplant patients have received an AlloSure test since 2017


Used by over 70% of US kidney transplant hospitals

“Know when a biopsy is needed”

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“AlloSure literally gave me peace of mind”

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“Helping better manage my kidney function”

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Will my insurance cover AlloSure?

For more information on coverage and billing, click HERE.

AlloSure is covered by Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans if medical criteria are met.

Coverage varies for commercial and Medicaid plans.

What happens if my insurance doesn’t cover all or part of the cost of AlloSure?

CareDx can help you understand your insurance coverage and appeal insurance denials.

CareDx offers a Financial Assistance Program (“FAP”) for patients that meet eligibility criteria.
The FAP covers all or part of the cost of AlloSure for qualifying patients.

To apply for the program, call (866) 383-1924.