After Two Kidney Transplants, Tiffany Archibald is On Top of Her Game More Than Ever

Tiffany Archibald is living proof of two things: (1) That being an elite-level athlete does not protect you from chronic kidney disease and (2) That organ donations save lives.

10 Tips to Maintain Long-Term Health After a Kidney Transplant

A kidney transplant is not a “cure.” It’s just another treatment option. Here are 10 tips to maintain long-term health after a kidney transplant.

Chicken Curry

This kidney-friendly and delicious Chicken Curry recipe can be prepared in no time at all, but the people eating it will think you spent hours making it.

Managing Anxiety as a Transplant Patient in a COVID-19 World

Transplant recipients discuss managing their anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic, and two transplant experts weigh in.

How Kevin Schnurr Honors His Gift of a New Kidney

On May 6, 2014, all Kevin Schnurr had to do was remember his name and date of birth.

AlloSure – The Most Important Topics to Talk to Your Kidney Doctor About After a Transplant

You have been given the gift of a kidney donation. You have energy and strength that you haven’t had in a while. You have a new lease on life, and it’s a new day. Now what?

Avocado Dip & Stuffed Peppers with Rice and Beans

These Avocado Dip + Stuffed Peppers with Rice and Beans recipes are healthy and nutritious centerpieces for any socially distanced gathering.

Getting Important Blood Draws from Home—All Your Questions Answered About RemoTraC™

Before COVID-19, most kidney- and heart-transplant recipients got their weekly or monthly blood tests at the hospital or a local blood-draw center. When COVID-19 touched down, however, hospitals became places where exposure to the coronavirus was higher.

Valen Keefer Praises Donors Who Give Life to Transplant Recipients Like Her

COVID-19 being what it is, Valen Keefer’s speech at the grand opening of CareDx’s newly expanded CLIA lab in Brisbane, California was a unique virtual event.

Tips for Controlling Your Blood Pressure if You Live with a Transplant

Part of the function of the kidney is to help you regulate blood pressure.

High blood pressure—known as hypertension—can be common both before and after a kidney or heart transplant.

What Are the Benefits of Transplant Recipients Doing Home Blood Draws?

We have been living in a COVID-19 world for close to a year now, and the pandemic has changed society’s routines and forced it to delay—or go without—many things.

Roasted Balsamic Glazed Brussel Sprouts

Prepared by Chef Chloe Gould (“Chef G”), a kidney-transplant recipient, this recipe for Roasted Balsamic Glazed Brussel Sprouts makes for a perfect companion to your meals.

Alexandra Harrison-Flaxman—How a Transplant Recipient Became a Legislation Advocate

“The passage of the Immuno Bill is not just a win for the patient community …” says Alexandra Harrison-Flaxman “… it’s a win because of the patient community.”

How a Liquid Biopsy Helps Your Transplanted Kidney or Heart?

Every buzzword has its beginning.

In early 2020, few had heard of “Social Distancing.” By March, however, “Social Distancing” had become part of the universal lexicon.

Does Timing Matter When Taking Anti-Rejection Medications for Your Transplanted Kidney or Heart?

Having an organ transplant can feel like a new lease on life! However, new recipients are sometimes overwhelmed with all the requirements of post-transplant living.

A Butternut Squash Hash Recipe That’s Kidney Friendly and Delicious

Chef Chloe Gould (“Chef G”), a kidney-transplant recipient, shares this recipe for Butternut Squash Hash—a  tasty companion to any feast.

New AlloCare App Makes Post-Transplant Tracking Easier for Patients

For those of you who navigate post-transplant waters, AlloCare is a game changer. AlloCare is an app that is designed just for you. With AlloCare you can: easily monitor all your vital health metrics, see your long-term trends, dive into the daily details, and reach every goal.

AlloCare Transplant Festival from CareDx Connects Organ Transplant Recipients Across the Country

CareDx recently hosted the AlloCare Transplant Festival, which was a virtual celebration to honor the transplant community and foster deeper connections among the extraordinary individuals and societies that make up the community.