New AlloCare App Makes Post-Transplant Tracking Easier for Patients

For those of you who navigate post-transplant waters, AlloCare is a game changer.

AlloCare is an app that is designed just for you. With AlloCare you can:

  • Easily monitor all your vital health metrics
  • See your long-term trends
  • Dive into the daily details, and
  • Reach every goal

AlloCare seamlessly integrates data from Apple Health, Bluetooth devices, and third-party apps you already use, so it’s all here.

“This app has allowed me to stay on track with monitoring my health. I feel much more aware of my body’s needs. Thanks CareDx!” shared one user.

“This is an easy way to keep track of my meds. I like the transplant news as well. Just started but hope to keep going,” shared user Mhairi2020.

 “I love this app! It helps me stay on track with my medication and daily activity. Thanks AlloCare!,” shared user mspatel1.

For clinicians helping to manage their transplant patients’ health, CareDx also offers a range of solutions for pre- and post-transplant testing and surveillance.

The AlloCare app is currently available in the Apple App Store for iPhone users and will be available for Android in the coming months.

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