What’s AlloCare?

Whether you’re on the transplant waitlist or a seasoned transplant recipient, AlloCare® can make managing your day-to-day health easier. Stay on track with everything at your fingertips and easily monitor all your vital health metrics with an app designed just for you. Manage medications, track fluids, blood pressure, steps, and mood—all in one place. See your long-term trends, dive into the daily details, and reach every goal. AlloCare seamlessly integrates data from Apple Health, Bluetooth devices, and third-party apps you already use—so it’s all here.

Key Benefits

Now it’s easier than ever to take care of yourself.

  • Check the progress of your transplant journey
  • Manage medications
  • Track your progress and health activities
  • Communicate with CareDx patient care managers for scheduling labs
  • View your AlloSure lab results
  • Access helpful articles and resources

Important Features

Medication. Wellness. Information. All in one place.

  • Manage medication and set reminders
  • Track water intake, urine output, daily steps, sleep, weight, pulse ox, temperature, blood pressure, and mood—all in one place
  • Get simple and secure communication with CareDx Patient Care Team to schedule upcoming labs
  • View your AlloSure lab results
  • Integrate with your wearable electronics

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