Kristen Jagodowski

Kristen is a double lung transplant recipient and AlloSure® Lung patient.

After a past biopsy caused her lung to collapse and led to her being hospitalized, Kristen and her doctors are excited to be able to keep an eye on the health of her transplanted lungs with a simple blood draw. Now, thanks to AlloSure Lung, Kristen can spend less time in the hospital and more time with her family doing what matters.

The ‘Heart’ of the Matter is That an Organ Donation Saved Sam Dey’s Life

When Sam Dey used to walk, his damaged heart made him fall. Thanks to an organ donation, Sam now walks tall.

The ‘Heart’ of the Matter is That Organ Donation Saved Sam Dey’s Life

When it Came to Brandon Penny Needing a New Kidney, Mother Knew Best

Moms always know how to make things better for their kids. So, when Brandon Penny needed a new kidney, his mom gave him hers.

After Two Kidney Transplants, Tiffany Archibald is On Top of Her Game More Than Ever

Tiffany Archibald is living proof of two things: (1) that being an elite-level athlete does not protect you from chronic kidney disease, and (2) that organ donations save lives.

How Kevin Schnurr Honors His Gift of a New Kidney

On May 6, 2014, all Kevin Schnurr had to do was remember his name and date of birth.

Kevin Schnurr

Alexandra Harrison-Flaxman—How a Transplant Recipient Became a Legislation Advocate

“The passage of the Immuno Bill is not just a win for the patient community …” says Alexandra Harrison-Flaxman “… it’s a win because of the patient community.”