Why Allogeneic Cell Therapy Monitoring?

Expansion and persistence of cell products have been linked to efficacy and safety outcomes. Monitoring of cell product kinetics is important in cell therapy product development.

Sensitive, Universal Solution

AlloCell is a universal solution, applicable across both engineered and non-engineered allogeneic cell therapies. 

Based on a comprehensive panel of genomic signatures, AlloCell accurately measures the proportion of cell product cells, while preserving the confidentiality of genome engineering constructs.

  • Can be used for cell therapy PK monitoring
  • Measure of product cell kinetics through sensitive and accurate genomic DNA quantification
  • Analyzes cell product in blood

Advantages of AlloCell

Complex NGS Workflow Meets Operational Excellence

CareDx leverages years of experience with high-throughput NGS sample processing to offer AlloCell as a comprehensive end-to-end solution, that does not require our Partners to set up any laboratory workflows.

Our streamlined standardized laboratory workflow ensures timely, high quality processing.

Dedicated Project Manager and attentive AlloCell Team enable seamless integration with our Partners’ processes.

How Our Partners Use AlloCell

AlloCell is a ready-to-use solution for monitoring of allogeneic CAR-T cells — no need for assay development, no delays — we can onboard your cell product within days and deliver meaningful results. 

AlloCell is also directly applicable for CAR-NK and non-engineered allogeneic cell therapies.

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