Building Innovative Software Solutions for Histocompatibility Labs

We provide software and interoperability solutions to address the most demanding challenges of the histocompatibility and immunogenetics community.

Core Products

Our product suite includes LIMS software, virtual crossmatching applications, advanced epitope analysis applications, and connectivity tools for optimized laboratory workflows.

Learn More About VxMatch and VECTR in Clinical Practice

Webinar: Virtual Crossmatching and Epitope Analysis as Informational Aids in the Transplant Decision-Making Process: A Review of VxMatch and VECTR

Customization and Customer Support

Every HLA lab is unique, with specific requirements and workflows that we aim to facilitate with mTilda core. Configuring the LIMS to different workflows while customizing for each lab’s specific needs is fundamental to HLA Data Systems.

World-class support has been fundamental to our business for over 20 years as demonstrated by our long-standing customer relationships. We are dedicated to partnering with the new generation of mTilda users.