What is Ottr Cellular?

Ottr® Cellular is an organization, management, and analytics software solution for hematopoietic cellular transplant and cellular therapy programs. Regulatory requirements and transplant therapies will continue to change over time. Our software helps you stay out in front as your data management needs grow.

What are the Benefits?

Ottr Cellular wraps all the clinical program’s day-to-day functioning and support into a single, integrated software.

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Workflow based data capture consolidates entries for data validation, accuracy, and timely regulatory submission.
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Automates and simplifies recipient and donor scheduling, management, and follow-up events.
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Simplifies communication with key team members in different locations.
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Monitors and archives patient outcomes for research and quality reporting
Key Features
  • Complete management of both hematopoietic cellular transplant and cellular therapy procedures throughout all clinical phases of care.
  • Allows electronic submission of CIBMTR data forms directly from the database using AGNIS.
  • Storage of referral information, patient insurance, and payer details.
  • Multiple ways to organize and aggregate data; data visualization tools, dashboards, and automatic reporting.
  • Graft-versus-host disease and IEC Toxicity monitoring.