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Connecting Nephrology Practices and Dialysis Clinics with Transplant Centers

TxAccess is a platform that enhances continuity of care for transplant patients by facilitating ongoing communication between transplant centers, nephrology practices, and dialysis facilities.

Through TxAccess, providers can submit referrals and required documents to transplant programs and view the latest information about all their referred patients (regardless of how the initial referral was submitted).

How Transplant Centers Can Benefit

  • Empower referring partners with information to help guide patients to waitlisting
  • Reduce the need for referring providers to call or email by providing automatic patient status updates from your EMR
  • Maintain a single source for all relevant messaging regarding the referral
  • Save time processing incoming referrals by promoting the referral tool within TxAccess

How Referring Providers Can Benefit

  • Ability to electronically submit referrals through TxAccess (if needed)
  • View up-to-date information on a patient’s current referral status
  • Receive email alerts when new information on a referral is changed
  • Access all relevant exchanges regarding the referral through the messaging tool
  • Empower your staff with the information they need to help guide patients to waitlisting

“TxAccess has simplified the referral intake process, but the biggest benefit has been the automated communication with dialysis social workers throughout the region. Our nephrology and dialysis partners have also benefitted by having a consolidated dashboard that shows the status of all their patients. They can have the most up to date information when they are chairside.”

-Brian Berthiaume, Director of Administrative Operations, UAB Transplant Program

Streamline Transplant Referrals

TxAccess connects to all major EMR systems utilized by centers. New referrals can either be electronically submitted through the center’s referral portal or through the TxAccess online portal.

Enhance Communication Among Providers

TxAccess facilitates ongoing communication between transplant centers, dialysis providers, and community nephrologists. Through the TxAccess portal, all providers have access to the most up-to-date patient information—inputs and forms from all sources are consolidated into a single, authoritative source which leads to greater continuity of care.

TxAccess gives providers the latest information on patients referred through the portal, plus access to information on all patients previously referred by them to a participating center.

Better Data Leads to Better Outcomes

With a single source of data, all providers have the same information and can work together toward improving patient outcomes. System highlights of remaining tests or other requirements can help dialysis facilities to guide patients so they can continue to actively move toward transplant.

By standardizing incoming referrals, data received on each patient is both more complete and more easily comparable for faster, more objective decision-making.

Secure, Cloud-based Service

TxAccess was developed with security in mind. It is a HIPAA-compliant service that uses the latest in technology and controls to ensure patient data is kept secure. And, because it is cloud-based, it can be implemented with very low resource requirement on the part of transplant center IT organization and with little to no involvement by the IT organizations of referring providers.

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