Ensuring Your Waitlist Patients are Up to Date and Transplant Ready

With all the demands of caring for current patients and new referrals, busy centers can struggle to maintain close contact with their waitlist patients, whose contact information and health status can change without notice. Timely organ allocation requires knowing both.

That’s where XynCare Waitlist and Administrative Support can help.

  • Highly trained Transplant Coordinator Assistants build a relationship with transplant patients
  • Schedule procedures
  • Provide routine administrative needs

Waitlist Support

Key Features:

  • Medicare reimbursable
  • Assistants follow the workflow of your particular transplant center to ensure patients are transplant ready
  • Maintain regular contact with waitlist patients
  • Review critical patient information and deliver education
  • Update EMR and notify staff when a patient needs follow-up
  • Build loyal referral sources

See What Customers and Patients are Saying

“…The critical thinking skills of the waitlist coordinator assistants are amazing. They catch a lot of red flags—even the difficult pyscho-social ones…”
– Brenda Thrasher, Waitlist Manager Atrium Health, Charlotte, N.C.

“A patient let me know that she was just discussing with her nephrologist that I call her periodically to check in. She said he was surprised…He had never known the hospital to call anyone before. She told him she really appreciated the calls and the nephrologist was impressed with the service.”
– Tammy, Transplant Coordinator Assistant

“…I have to tell you that I really appreciate what [XynCare] does for us patients. The other hospital I’m listed with NEVER calls—you just don’t ever hear anything from them. So, I wanted to say that I appreciate the calls every month—keeps us patients hopeful…”
– Patient from Inova Transplant Center

“…I noticed a particular patient had been transplanted while I was away on vacation. I phoned to express my excitement and joy for him and his family. He stated, ‘Amber! I was just listening to your voicemail earlier this morning because I missed your voice!’ Not having left a voicemail, I asked, ‘What voicemail?’ The patient said, ‘Oh, it’s an old one I saved because you’re just so cheery and I like to listen to it sometimes.’…”
– as told to Amber, Transplant Coordinator Assistant

Administrative Support

XynCare can also help transplant centers with some of their most burdensome tasks, such as:

  • Assistance with UNOS TIEDI forms
  • Living donor follow-up appointment scheduling
  • Overdue pre- and post-transplant testing follow-up
  • Post-transplant lab work scheduling and results entry
  • Other administrative needs

Let’s talk. We can help you decide if Waitlist Management or Administrative Support could make a difference in your transplant center.