Simplify the Transplant Quality Management Process with Easy to Use Software

Cloud-based, quality management you can count on to provide predictive analytics and insights into your transplant center’s data. This comprehensive tool simplifies the quality management process, expedites the flow of data and critical measurements, and captures your efforts to improve your program.

What are the Benefits?

What if you could answer ALL the questions raised in your quality meetings without spending hours of time preparing? Forget the old-school processes of static spreadsheets, folders, binders, and PowerPoint slides. Bring your management into the 21st century with concise, predictive analysis, easy-to-find documentation, and tracking to assist with patient management decisions. No internal IT department required.

How Does it Work?

XynQAPI creates automated and intuitive analyses, dynamic charts, graphs, slides, task management, and tracking systems.

XynQAPI Key Features
  • Assess candidate projected outcomes using SRTR methods and other risk adjustments.
  • Reveal trends that point to key causes for outcomes.
  • Facilitate event reviews that meet the CMS definition of “thorough analysis”.
  • Track and trend QA deviations, and contributing and root cause factors.
  • Run meetings with “live” scorecards, projects, and patient and donor data.
  • Go from summary overview to answering patient-level questions instantly.
  • Initiate, follow, and verify continuous quality improvement.
  • Create quality meeting agendas and meeting minutes on the fly.