Simplify the Transplant Quality Management Process with Easy to Use Software

XynQAPI® is a complete transplant quality solution for your center. It combines predictive analytics with program management tools to help you see ahead and take steps toward better patient outcomes. This comprehensive cloud-based tool simplifies the quality management process, expedites the flow of data and critical measurements, and captures your efforts to improve your program.

What are the Benefits?

  • Utilize predictive analytics to guide patient management decisions and stay on top of MPSC and private payor center of excellence requirements
  • Generate scorecards and dashboards to help you identify quality trends, answer queries, and make your data more actionable
  • Document tasks performed to improve outcomes for regulatory compliance
  • Incorporate seamlessly into your current workflow through UNet data and EMR integration for minimal data entry
  • Reimbursement for XynQAPI may be made available through the annual Medicare Cost Reporting process
New MPSC metrics
Transplant centers
Outcomes improvement*

*On average, centers experienced a 15% improvement in their 1 year graft and patient survival within 12 months of using the XynQAPI solution based on SRTR data between 2019 and 2021.

Expanded Predictive Analytics

  • Prediction of the next five SRTR releases for the following:
    • Graft and patient survival
    • Transplant rate – both actual and including at risk patients
    • New MPSC metrics – waitlist mortality, organ offer acceptance, 90-day survival, one-year conditional survival
  • Patient survival from listing
  • One year graft and patient survival predictions at the time of referral and listing
  • Stratify O/E outcomes by age, cold ischemic time, diabetes, etc. ​

How Does it Work?

XynQAPI creates automated and intuitive analyses, dynamic charts, graphs, slides, task management, and tracking systems.

XynQAPI Key Features
  • View patient selection and organ acceptance statistics and assess donor and recipient selection​
  • See your 5-tier standing and waitlist mortality rates in real-time​
  • Anticipate your risk of a UNOS or COE flag
  • Display your O/E for specific patient types​
  • Stratify outcomes by age, cold ischemic time, diabetes, etc. ​
  • Drill into your data down to the patient level and see trends with ease​
  • Validate your UNetdata​
  • Find important patient data left blank or incorrectly entered on the TCR or TRR form ​
  • Optimize your process for key data elements​

Comprehensive Transplant Quality Management Tool

  • Autogenerated dynamic scorecards
  • Formal methodology process documentation for your PI projects
  • Thorough analysis of all adverse events to identify contributing factors and actions for improvement
  • Meeting and task management tools—meeting minutes, PowerPoint slide generator, and easy follow-up on all team action items