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What is AlloSeq Tx?

AlloSeq Tx is an innovative NGS HLA typing solution that uses Hybrid Capture Technology, which eliminates the inefficiencies and limitations of traditional Long-Range PCR methods.

AlloSeq Tx goes beyond the traditional transplant related loci to consider more transplant associated genes and helps you to identify the best genetic match.

What are the Benefits?

  • No long-range PCR inefficiencies and no artifacts or crossovers
  • Improved allele balance and reduced dropout rates
  • Easy single tube workflow with early indexing and sample pooling
  • Expanded gene content enabling the highest level of transplant matching
  • Fast import speed and optimized data analysis with AlloSeq Assign software
  • Allele level resolution with low rates of ambiguity
  • Maximum coverage of 17 loci including all exons for all genes
  • Improved handling with plated indices available with AlloSeq Tx 96 sample format

How Does it Work?

A whole genome library is prepared using bead-bound transposons. Each sample is indexed and pooled together into a single tube. Genes of interest are captured with biotinylated probes and enriched for sequencing on an illumina system. Data is analyzed using AlloSeq Assign software.

More Flexibility with NEW Modular Add-Ons

One extra pipetting step during hybridization set up allows your laboratory to capture additional content alongside AlloSeq Tx.

  • Modular Add-Ons can be used with any existing AlloSeq Tx kit
  • No need for a separate library or hybridization set up
  • Get more value from each single reaction with no extra hands-on time
  • Expand and customize your typing menu to assist with better matching
  • Choose the targets relevant to your laboratory and only pay for what you use = more flexibility

Ordering Details

AlloSeq Tx17 (RUO) Set A 24 ASTX17.1(24)
AlloSeq Tx17 (CE-IVD) Set A 24 ASTX17.1(24)-IVD
AlloSeq Tx17 (RUO) Set B 24 ASTX17.1(24)-B-RUO
AlloSeq Tx17 (CE-IVD) Set B 24 ASTX17.1(24)-B-IVD
AlloSeq Tx17 (RUO) Set A 96 ASTX17.1(96)-A-RUO
AlloSeq Tx17 (CE-IVD) Set A 96 ASTX17.1(96)-A-IVD
AlloSeq Tx17 (RUO) Set B 96 ASTX17.1(96)-B-RUO
AlloSeq Tx17 (CE-IVD) Set B 96 ASTX17.1(96)-B-IVD
AlloSeq Tx9 (RUO) Set A 96 ASTX9.1(96)-A-RUO
AlloSeq Tx9 (RUO) Set B 96 ASTX9.1(96)-B-RUO
AlloSeq Tx ABO 24 ASTXM1.1-RUO
AlloSeq Tx APOL1 24 ASTXM2.1-RUO
AlloSeq Tx LIMS1 24 ASTXM3.1-RUO
AlloSeq Tx17 (RUO) Set A ASTX17.1(24) 24
AlloSeq Tx17 (CE-IVD) Set A ASTX17.1(24)-IVD 24
AlloSeq Tx17 (RUO) Set B ASTX17.1(24)-B-RUO 24
AlloSeq Tx17 (CE-IVD) Set B ASTX17.1(24)-B-IVD 24
AlloSeq Tx17 (RUO) Set A ASTX17.1(96)-A-RUO 96
AlloSeq Tx17 (CE-IVD) Set A ASTX17.1(96)-A-IVD 96
AlloSeq Tx17 (RUO) Set B ASTX17.1(96)-B-RUO 96
AlloSeq Tx17 (CE-IVD) Set B ASTX17.1(96)-B-IVD 96
AlloSeq Tx9 (RUO) Set A ASTX9.1(96)-A-RUO 96
AlloSeq Tx9 (RUO) Set B ASTX9.1(96)-B-RUO 96
AlloSeq Tx ABO ASTXM1.1-RUO 24
AlloSeq Tx APOL1 ASTXM2.1-RUO 24
AlloSeq Tx LIMS1 ASTXM3.1-RUO 24

This material has been created for a global audience. Refer to all disclaimers for clinical claims and regulatory status in your region.
AlloSeq Tx17 kits are CE/IVD in the EU and the UK. In the rest of the world, AlloSeq Tx17 kits are for Research Use Only. Not to be used for diagnostic procedures.
AlloSeq Tx9 96 reaction kits are available as CE/IVD and research use only products. For local regulatory status, please contact CareDx.
AlloSeq Tx ABO, AlloSeq Tx APOL1 and AlloSeq Tx LIMS1 are for Research Use Only. Not to be used for diagnostic procedures.