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What is AlloSeq Tx8?

AlloSeq® Tx8 offers high volume NGS HLA typing (up to 384 samples per run) with Hybrid Capture Technology, which eliminates the inefficiencies and limitations of traditional Long-Range PCR methods

With the ability to match the 6 classic HLA loci at the highest resolution plus the additional gene content, AlloSeq Tx 8 enhances volunteer donor registries for local and international requirements. The unique hybrid-capture technology also allows variable gene/sequence content without the need for workflow changes.

What are the benefits?

  • Enhance registry data quality for faster identification of better matched donors
  • No long-range PCR inefficiencies-and no artifacts or crossovers
  • Improved allele balance and reduced dropout rates
  • Easy single tube workflow with early indexing and sample pooling
  • Expanded gene content enabling the highest level of transplant matching
  • Fast import speed and optimized data analysis with AlloSeq Assign software
  • Allele level resolution with low rates of ambiguity
  • 6 classical HLA loci plus ABO, CCR5 covered in a single-tube workflow

Ordering details

AlloSeq Tx 8 (RUO) 384 ASTX8.1(384)-A-RUO
AlloSeq Tx 8 (RUO) ASTX8.1(384)-A-RUO 384