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High Standard of Accuracy for Basic, Broad Coverage Testing

TruSight HLA v2 provides unambiguous, phase-resolved HLA typing in a single assay using NGS technology and Assign analysis software.

While TruSight HLA offers a number of advantages, AlloSeq Tx17 is the next generation in NGS-based HLA matching, providing with a single tube workflow and no long-range PCR inefficiencies

What Are the Benefits of TruSight HLA?

Establish a high standard of accuracy for basic, broad coverage testing with TruSight HLA. (If your needs change, AlloSeq Tx 17 is also available.)

  • High resolution sequencing of 11 HLA loci
  • Workflow with library preparation, sequencing, and data analysis/reporting
  • Accurate and high-resolution HLA typing for clear results

The TruSight HLA panel enables sequencing of Class I HLA-A, B, and C; Class II HLA-DRB1/3/4/5, HLA-DQA1, HLA-DQB1, HLA-DPA1, and HLA-DPB1. This expands coverage beyond the classic loci, with full gene coverage, enabling discovery of new alleles without the need to design new primers.

When you need to achieve higher accuracy of TruSight HLA and in a streamlined, single-tube workflow, with no long-range PCR inefficiencies, we recommend AlloSeq Tx17 – an innovative hybrid-capture, NGS based, high resolution HLA matching