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Limitations of Relying on Creatinine After Kidney Transplant

Physicians know that serum creatinine levels can prove difficult to interpret at the onset of declining renal function and can be influenced by nonrenal factors. To ensure the best patient outcomes, there is an opportunity to find better ways of monitoring renal allograft health.

Rush University’s Dr. Vasil Peev on His Clinical Experience with AlloSure

A noninvasive assay like AlloSure® could have a significant impact in aiding in the diagnosis of rejection.

Xenotransplant and the Future of Transplantation

Dr. Robert Montgomery, Transplant Surgeon at NYU Langone Health and Dr. Chris Larsen, Transplant Surgeon at Emory University discuss the future of xenotransplantation including Dr. Montgomery’s work, the recent cardiac xenotransplant at the University of Maryland, the regulatory pathways for xenotransplant, and the role of current and experimental immunosuppressive drugs in making xenotransplant a reality.

Dr. Steven Potter on AlloSure

Hear Steven Potter, MD, Kidney Transplant Surgeon at Baylor Scott & White Clinic – Temple, TX describe the importance of post-transplant surveillance with AlloSure.

Staffing Issues Facing Transplant Centers in 2021, and How to Tackle Them

When caring for a complex—and increasing—patient population, limited budgets combined with high turnover rates have always been top concerns for transplant center administrators.